If you want to chuck your job and go full time into app development for the iOS or for the Android, you need to consider that changing from employee status to a business owner status could involve a lot of hard work, though, it could be more rewarding. Don’t, however, have dreams of immediately doubling your present earnings. You need to have a sound understanding of the business world and about app development in particular.

Easy Access

There are practically no barriers for entering the app world for Android apps, as you can use your apps for Google Play just by paying $25, using emulators and not even having to buy test devices. It could cost a little more for creating iOS app, but those owning an iPhone or iPad along with OXS computer must only make a $99 fee per year.

More Responsibilities

Your timings will, of course, be more flexible. Yet, you will also have additional responsibilities. You may have to take on the task of an engineer, test the app, interact with clients and customers, and take part in the designing and the graphics as well as the interface designing and so on. The time you have for spending on the basic task gets much reduced due to all these other responsibilities. Get familiar with all these topics and create the infrastructure when you are free, prior to starting the app business or consider roping in a partner or outsourcing the job.

Worldwide Competition

This is a global business and you need to distribute the apps across regions and countries, with competition coming up from all over the world. Many of the competitors also get funds from venture capital sources and could come from countries where the operating costs are much lower. Hence, they can be more efficient with the app development when compared to a single handed developer. Even if you are not able to get funds from venture capital sources, you should make your app unique by having a better idea or implementation. In short, don’t follow the herd.

Flexible Options

If you are developing your own app, you can design it on your own and decide the working timings, the release timings and so on. However, don’t rush through the release, as it would result in a lot of bugs and, of course, backlash from buyers. If, on the other hand, you delay too much and keep on trying to improve the product, that’s no good either. Releasing at the right time is an art to be mastered with experience. Being flexible also allows you to set up fixes to bugs and developing updates more efficiently than a bigger and complex set up can. There is no validation cycle in case of Google Play, so you can develop an Android app update and release it in the market within a few hours.

One last Word

You could also consider hanging on to your full time job and developing apps in your spare time. Yet, it would be a better idea to delve into the infrastructure and make a complete research to be committed to a full time business, rather than just developing an app.