Billiard: The game seemed to down load fine to my Android, no issues or waiting, it loaded immediately. The game did not seem to be sluggish when playing it; I did notice that on the main screen the game seemed to lock up as I was clicking on play. For everyone out there, I am sure it was the game and not my new phone. This game seemed to be very enjoyable, and realistic. Here we have a master pro game, which has a tremendous multi-player and single player billiard experience for you right on your phone.

Billiard does seem to be a very easy game, but never the less was a very enjoyable game to play. Let us not forget to mention the great realistic sound effects this game has. Please do not take my review the wrong way, I say it is easy, but this game can be a very challenging one.


With the 2D billiard, the pool game just gets you in the mood to run down to your local billiard hall to shot a game. I would recommend this game for anyone out there that loves to play pool. You can just play around, or practice your shots while passing the time. The only thing I wish is that the game had more options, and that you could place English on the balls when hitting them. Overall, it has the making of a great game