Professionals like lawyer, doctor, contractor or office coordinator are on a constant lookout for services which can expedite the movement of their documents. Moreover, they always have a paucity of time and therefore, want a favorable service – without having to move out their office! Send Overnight Mail is an amazing utility from this standpoint, as it sends documents fast and safely delivers them to the recipients.

If you are in any of these professions, you must know that Send Overnight Mail is an essential service for you.

What is Send Overnight Mail?

Send Overnight Mail is a webapp with many features, each of which aptly facilitates fast document dispatch and delivery. Whenever you want to send some important documents speedily to a desired destination, you just have to upload the document on its webapp and leave the rest to Send Overnight Mail officials. This way, you can conveniently move your document without having to move out of your office or leave your chair.

You can even track the delivery of your document and receive a confirmation when it is delivered to your recipient.

Unique features of Send Overnight Mail

You will love this incredible webapp for its many unique features. Some of its noteworthy attributes are:
a) Simplicity of use
b) Reliability
c) Comfortable payment options, and
d) Assurance of delivery

These features make Send Overnight Mail a highly preferred service and many businesses and independent service providers like doctors, lawyers, contractors, etc predominantly use it to route their documents.

A special facet of this application is that you can upload any PDF file, whether it is some medical document, invoice, contract or something else, and have it sent, wherever you want in US.

How to use this Webapp?

Using Send Overnight Mail webapp is very simple. Here is the step-by-step process to use it and send your documents:

a) Make a PDF of the requisite document you want to send.
b) Pick a delivery option. You can decide it according to the urgency of your document and your budget.
c) Make the payment through Paypal or Stripe. Your transaction is secure.
d) Check your mailbox for the confirmation mail.
e) Note the envelop number provided for tracking your document.

Pros :

a) A prominent aspect of this service is that you don’t have to wait for someone to collect your document. Also, you enjoy its benefit without leaving your place. This saves your time and energy.
b) The service is always available and so you don’t have to wait for an opening time or worry about the closing time of the service.
c) You can securely send even those documents which are of sensitive nature or have discrete contents.

a) There are only two payment options. Many more customers can take its advantage if the payment options are increased.
b) Every time, the sender has to convert documents in PDF form because this is the only document format they accept.

c) Uploading documents can be time consuming and so some unconventional method is desirable.

Final Verdict:

In a fast moving world as today, an express delivery service as this was extremely required. Send Overnight Mail has largely addressed this need.

However, the standard of service can be ameliorated by adding more features and with some significant improvements.

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