Life can be very unexpected and unforeseen circumstances can arise in anyone’s life. And when such circumstance leads to the death of a senior family member, you will never know what their last wishes were. Many people will not be prepared and not have a chance to make a legal will. That can lead to unwanted troubles among the family members and not knowing the wishes of the loved member can lead to further sadness. Thanks to ‘After’, an iOS app designed to record your will and wishes that you want your family member to be aware when the time comes.

What does After exactly do?

After App is a secure app that only you will have access to and allows you to store your photos, videos, time capsule messages, and wish list. So in case you pass away, your loved ones will be aware of all your wishes and they can get absolute relief knowing they can fulfill your wishes. You can also mention the legal arrangements that need to be made for your will to be granted. You can even leave instructions to your lawyer about the will in this app.

How After works

Once you download the app and enter all the details, you will be asked to designate three trustees who you trust. It can be your family members, friends or relatives. Once you nominate them, all three will receive an email notifying your designation. The mail will contain a button that they have to press when you pass away. It will require at least two trustees to do that as part of confirmation. Once that is done, all the members you have added to the list whom you want to send your wishes and information will get the access to your will. So everybody on the list will know what your wishes are and who gets what with regards to your property and leftover assets.

Is it a legal will?

After App is not a replacement for a formal and legal will document. It is only designed in view of letting your family members know what your personal wishes are. You can mention about the kind of funeral arrangements to be made, the kind of legacy you want them to carry and things that you wish for each family member. For example; what you wish your children or grandchildren to become, people you want to be present in your funeral, someone you always wanted to tell something or even a person who you wanted to help. This will your wishes live on even after your death and serve as a guide to the lawyer to take forward your will.

How will my messages be delivered?

The three trustees you designate are responsible for delivering your wishes and messages to the recipients you mention. So it is best that you discuss with your trustees even before designating them as your trustees. After you pass, the will reach out to each of your recipients and pass the message. It is an casual will and your trustees act like lawyers who will gather people and read out your wishes.

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