Paddle Bounce Ballz is a typical arcade game present on the Android Play Store.It has been devoloped by Vevo games and is its first game.It has over 10,000 users on the Play Store. It resembles the arcade games of old which were played on big machines. Its objective is to guide some falling balls into a basket by making them bounce on a paddle which is movable. Its target audience is young kids and old people who want to kill their time.

I have noticed that the creators of the game are very attentive to the user complaints and try to include corrections in their updates. The game is ideal for killing time when one is bored. It can also improve the hand eye coordination skills in young kids. The game also has extra features to give it a polished finish. The game itself is moderately hard to play and engages gamers to play. It is moderately addictive. It has a attractive look to it with the colourful balls and paddles which are also customisable.

On the downside, the game is very large compared to its features. 16 mb is a lot for a arcade game. Also the paddle is a bit unresponsive to touch. There are also no button controls for the paddle which may annoy users when the paddle does not move as fast as the users want it move or moves in a different direction. The game is also a pretty good impersonation of the Colour balls game developed by Ketchapp games, which leads us to think if it has been copied from the Colour Balls game.It does have some extra features though so even if it has been copied , at-least the developers have put some amount of effort in while making this game. However i feel that they still haven’t put enough features as some more of those would round of this wonderful game. Some features could be some daily challenges or some difficulty levels etc.However this should not affect the normal difficulty of the game as it is perfect right now.

Overall this game is a success for a company whose first game is this and this proves that this company has a bright future ahead of itself. The game itself is a very addictive game which grips the gamer and is successful in providing light entertainment. This game is a wonderful addition to the genre of Arcade games. This game is particularly attractive to the elderly as they would find this game similar to the games that they would have played as young men on the huge rackety machines. While the joy of playing on big machines cannot be recreated, this game is a very good simulation of the arcade games of old and delivers upto its promise. Hopefully this game will revive the arcade games as they have fallen out of trend in recent times due to the advent of modern 3d gaming. I would recommend this game to everyone who wants to pass their time as it is a very exciting game with great prospects for the future.

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