Though marketing is a process that comes after the production on papers, but the actual production is directly proportional to its marketing. So if you haven’t done the work right in one department, you can’t expect the other department to stay alive for long. Marketing doesn’t only involve telling people about your products but it also keeps your product ahead in the mind of any consumer. So as long as your product remains in the cache memory of the consumers, only then can you expect them to buy it. That’s why the marketing analysts are always eager to find some new way of promotion, a platform which nobody has explored so far. So though internet is the biggest platform and everybody has found some space on it, the platform’s ever expanding and you just have to find the right coordinates to get yourself some more space.

EFORB (www.eforb.com) is just the right place where you can help your business expand exponentially. Though it’s a social platform and Facebook is doing great in that aspect with a great user base as well, EFORB is very different and unique in itself. It’s a social platform made solely for businessmen and their related customers.

Suppose you’re a businessman and you want others to know about your products and services, then what will you do? Of course you can have brochures distributed, and then you can have a website created for your business as well so that anyone may contact you. But how’ll anybody come to know about your website? Employing SEO optimization can be a bit time-taking as well as costly. What else you can do is create an account on part of your business on an already established website which the customers often check out for buying services and products. It’s the same concept of EFORB.

So here you’ll create an account of your company or organization and then you can add your products along with their images and videos. But don’t restrict yourself at any point. Communicate with other members of the community, add them to your circle, talk to them about their business and the strategies they employ in market. The more information you share, the better will be the growth of your business. In fact, that’s what the advantage of a social platform. So if you have any event in the coming days add it to your profile and invite others as well to join you.

Now if a customer comes searching for a service you provide, he/she can search it directly on the website and he/she doesn’t need to be a member. If you have added your location, all the nearby customers will come to you. The website has just started and is completely free to use. So there’s a lot of scope for growth and as the number of members will increase, so will your business.

Pros: social-business platform; free to use; add images/videos of your products or promotional videos; growing platform.

Cons: user-base is small at the moment.

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