If you like to share your photos on Facebook and twitter but want to edit them before you do, than you need to download the android application called Photo Effect Pro. If you worry about how people will see your photo and are unsure of whether you want to upload it or not, then this app is worthy of your time, and quite fun to use.

While this is not some cool game you can play for hours on end, it is similar. The mind blowing art work comes from the pictures you provide and it allows you to enhance, edit, and alter them in creative and fun ways to stun your friends and have a little fun along the way. The different editing tools consist of frames, finger paint, stickers, cloning, red eye reduction, pencil, eraser and many more options from the basic to the unique. It makes taking pictures with your tablet or mobile device worthy again as you will be able to send something special to your friends or family.


Make your own personalized greeting and share it when you are on vacation or just have fun creating pictures that people will not believe. This may not be an addictive game, but it will get you hooked on all the fun and creative ways you can change a single picture to stand out.