Do you wish to get a date, meet that someone special of your life or chat with them to have endless conversations? If yes, then you must try this app called Promenad. 

Promenad is the ultimate app that allows users to sign in with their phone number or Facebook id. Once you are identified, the app makes others feel that it is secure to use the app. With this app, users should upload their picture, include an introduction about them, and enter who they are and who they are looking for to hang out with.

Given by the seller New Technologies LP, Promenad belongs to the entertainment/dating category and is the most preferred one by all of them. What makes the app more special is the options that let you to meet someone nearer to you. You can know who is closer to you, find the nearby spots, choose the best and safe one among them and meet in real-time. Using this, you can identify the renowned spots and share them with other users. All of these features will allow you to get dates much master with individuals who have the same taste as yours. Users can categorize all of these based upon the searches and know them depending upon the interests alike. 

To enhance the security of the users, promenad has come with two options. People can report abusive behaviour through the offending user’s profile by just scrolling down and pressing ‘Report user’. You can block an user from seeing you, just by clicking the ‘Hide’ button. If you feel that someone is acting offensive or is suspicious, you can just report them by pressing complain or contacting support. There are also options that allow you to block another user by pressing the message icon on the upper right corner and then by pressing ‘Add to Blacklist’.

Promenad’s free version comes with three leaves by default using which you can like three profiles. More than that, you will have to purchase leaves that are the currency used in the app. Not only dating, but users will be able to travel, practice sports or carry out other tasks like hiking or just have a pleasant conversation. To contact the support team, you can simply email

Promenad is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and a web version of the app is also available for usage. It is suitable for all adults above 17 years of age and is completely free for download. The in-app purchases of the app come with 20 leaves for $9.99, 50 leaves for $19.99 and 100 leaves for $29.99. 

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