Oh my goodness!  How did I ever live without this app?  RetailMeNot is a brilliant tool for bargain shoppers.  You can search a store, and immediately find any discounts, coupon codes, or sales they may be offering.

The app easily downloaded onto my iPhone 4.  It never stalls out, and it even alerts me when I’m geographically located close to a good sale!  The app will ask if you want online or in-store discounts.  Typically, I save between 10-20% on purchases.  In the scenario of only online discounts, the app will contact the store and let them know you are seeking in-store discounts.  If I’m shopping online, I can usually get free shipping.  When especially good deals are occurring, you will receive a push notification with the “cha-ching” sound to alert you of deals and specials.

The app offers several methods to personalize to your shopping preferences.  You can enable your GPS services for close proximity deals.  You can create a “favorites” list to quickly search stores.  You can also check trending shopping deals online and in-store, and also save coupons to use later.  Notifications can be adjusted in the app, as well.


Social media is a big plus in the app.  You can share deals with your friends, and rate if the discount worked.  The app will display a success rating to help the user determine which discount to use.

I also discovered that you can search restaurant discounts, too.  The restaurants vary from fast food counter services to full service fine dining.  While it is rare to find a percentage off at a restaurant, I do frequently find free appetizers, desserts, upgrades, and dollars off of a certain purchase price.

I am fond of anything that can help us save money.  This app is a must have for thrifty shoppers!  Definitely worth the download, especially for a free app!