Much like the game Candy Crush Saga and Pet Rescue, the point of the Fluttabyes game is to save as many butterfly’s or Fluttabyes in this case, in a certain amount of time. How you do this is to get as many combinations or colors of the Fluttabyes to save them. Every combo or three to four I a row save one Fluttabye. The higher the score, the higher place you can get in the category of scores with other people playing this game.

This game is an English (as in UK) made game and can be used in different languages. On the main screen you can either get a tutorial before you actually play, or dive right in f you have played similar games before. There is also a leaderboard, which was just described. You can get the free version of it on you iPhone and iPad or pay for the full version, which has more technology to play the game with it.

There is music involved and it resembles “island music.” If you will, a Caribbean style of music that gives a person a pleasant feel when played. Like games such as Candy Crush Saga, Witches, Part one and two, or Pet Rescue, it can become quite addictive. Hard to put down because you are racing against a clock, which in this case is a dandelion whose puffs run down the said clock.

Like the previously mentioned games, you have to match color to color to save the Fluttabyes. You can rid the board of Fluttabyes in sequences of three, four, or even five, If you get five in a row then you will get a bonus that if matched will get rid of different colors from the game. Since you are working against a clock, the trouble of trying to find sequences right in front on the board, make a person anxious to get the most points possible.

Saving the Fluttabyes gives you a certain score and when the game is over, the game counts up how many other combinations that are left and then adds the points to your final school, which then adds you to the leaderboard, as stated. Trying to get the most points and riding up the leaderboard can make a person pleasantly anxious as well. This is where the addiction comes in, to get the highest rank on the leaderboard and trying to save the most Fluttabyes.


The background is also “island scenery” much like the music is “island music.” There is the dandelion puff; the board, which is a spider’s web and waiting in the wings, are different colors of Fluttabyes that you have to find a place for on the game board. There is greenery and a waterfall in the background.

It is needless to say that this game is a lot of fun to play, much like Tetris. You have to fashion the colors where they do the most good for you like in Tetris where you have to move shapes to where they do the best for you to get rid of rows. In this game you get rid of rows of Fluttabyes. So say hello to this new game and get addicted to playing Fluttabyes.