Games these days are based on various graphics, thinking that the better the graphics the better the game will be. However if there is no challenge, or story then there is no real game. Such is the iOS game Tap Tap Squirrel, where challenge lies in mastering the moves without making it overcomplicated, and pixel graphics have made a come back.

The idea of the game is a simple platform game where you want to collect as many acorns as possible, you are a squirrel after all, reaching your treehouse at the end of each level. Your name is George and you can use the acorns that you collect to upgrade George in many creative ways, including acorn magnets and bullet proof. The graphics are not top notch, as they are more pixelated then most games, but that doesn’t stop the gameplay. The sounds are catchy and classic paying homage to games of this type over the generations and tying in perfectly with the theme of the game. The animation plays right along with you jumping to levels in order to gain more acorns.

The controls for this iOS game Tap Tap Squirrel are simple since everything is played on a touchscreen, you simply touch the screen in the direction you want to go and move. Double touch the direction to run, touch down to stop, and touch up to jump. You can perform a double jump by touching again, and timing is everything.


Playing the game you will run over hazards in the land such as water and spikes, as well as enemies like spiders and wasps. The best part of the game is that everything can be unlocked without having to make a purchase, although that option is available. And for those that have small children you can set a babysitting feature that will block any purchases made while the game is in this mode.

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