Video messages are getting popular every single day. Every day, more and more people are joining in sending video message to one another. The world is no more in that age when people used to use videos only to do webcam chatting. Videos are now used everywhere and they have already started to replace the regular messaging industry.

People hardly use their mobile messaging solutions anymore. The world is more into applications now as they are easy and cheap. At the same time, these applications offer tons of benefits that regular methods couldn’t used to provide. Therefore, people are accepting the messaging industry at ease. The new sensation of this messaging industry is Flyreel.

Flyreel is a video messaging application that you can use in your iPhone. The application is free to download from iTunes and you can download it from anywhere if you are 17 or above. Flyreel has already started to redefine how the video messaging industry works. People always had a need to send instant video messages but for some reason, this option was not very solid in any applications that people had around them. Well, now people have their option as Flyreel has already started to amaze people with a brilliant interface and millions of options.

The basic idea of Flyreel is simple. Simply record your video using this application and then send it either personally to the person you want or share it publicly so that people can comment on your video. If you want to go for a meeting then this app will allow you to arrange a video message based meeting that you can operate from different locations.

This is an application that kills boredom. People can see millions of videos shared by other people in this platform and comment on them. This is how the app is also allowing you to make new friends. Interact with people from all over the world and make friends with the help of video messaging. There couldn’t be any better solution than this one.


There are fun options such as challenges and contests to keep you connected with the app. The social sharing options will allow you to share each and every moment that you have with your friends of different social networks. Both the group and one to one feature works perfectly in Wifi, 3G, 4G & LTE network.

The application is very easy to manage and the options that you get in this application are also easy to utilize. The size of this application is 22.8 mb which is the only space requirement that you need in your iPhone. One of the best parts of this app is that the application doesn’t store video in your own device. Videos are generally huge in terms of size and that is why the application saves them in a secured cloud host. In this way, your cell phone will always have enough space for other applications. It can easily be said that Flyreel is the future of video messaging.