Do you know how the life in a jungle is? There you actually understand the true meaning of the phrase – Survival of the Fittest. You’re always on the verge of falling down from the stairs of life into the jaws of a big crocodile that’s always hungry. So either you’ll be knocked down or you have to knock down the person standing next to you to make sure you survive for one more day. The situation is quite thrilling and a big gruesome as well. So would you like to experience it?

I don’t expect many hands rising right now. But if I tell you that it’s going to be a fun-virtual adventure, then would you sign up for the program? Okay, so I’m talking about the latest offering by Junglee Games called Eat Me! The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

Eat Me is an out and out fun game. Here, you’re a very small fish in a big ocean. But you’re not alone. There are hundreds of other fishes out there; some of them are smaller than you, while some are big like giants. Rule is simple: you eat them or get eaten. But you can only eat the fishes that are smaller than you in size. The same rule applies to the biggies as well. So while you’re chasing a smaller fish for your dinner, make sure you’re not following it into the den of a monster.

This is a multiplayer game. So you can invite your friends and compete together. Up to 100 players can be accommodated in a single game. So you can visualize it as a Royal-Rumble match where you’d get quickly eliminated if you don’t eliminate others. But to make sure you last longer, you can either poop out eggs or hide behind stun bombs. These are the defense tactics that can prove very beneficial for you in the game. But you can’t win a fight with defense tactics only, can you? So after you’ve gained some mass, now is the right time to adopt the policy of imperialism. There are 5 different species of fish out there and they’re all out there to satisfy your appetite. Split yourself and attack them like a double-edged blade.

Eat Me is rich on graphics. The colors are beautiful and exquisite and the animations are also very smooth. The gameplay is already very addictive and the beautiful underwater theme just adds more sparkle to it. The controls are also very simple. You can either tap or use in-app virtual joystick to move your fish. Either way, it’s very easy to control your player even thousands of feet below the sea surface.


Score more and lead the Leaderboard. Invite your friends, compete with them and share your scores on other social platforms. So when are you coming on-board? If you’re waiting for the price-tag, then there’s none. This app is available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: exquisite graphics; addictive gameplay; smooth animations; up to 100 players per game; 5 different kinds of fish; free.

Cons: none.