Do you want to monitor the activities of the devices around you? Well, everyone wants to! But how is it possible? Either, you need to ask the person with whom you want to connect or check without permission. But, this is illegal! Still, you want to check which devices are active around you such as any Bluetooth device, hotspot, wifi, etc. Because any device near you who wants to connect with you can spy on your device (SmartPhones). So it’s better to prevent your device before this happens! Snifferton is an amazing app which helps to monitor the devices and their actions around you! When the devices are in range near your location, they will be displayed on your Smartphone in this app.

It allows you to discover any Bluetooth devices near you with half a Football length. You can also find out which devices are keeping an eye on your device and vice versa. This is how the hackers can find a new way to your device and hack the data. But, you can stop this activity by getting this app on your SmartPhone. Snifferton is a great app that can track the number of devices near you. It has been developed by Thomas Thompson, this year. Falling in the utilities category, Snifferton is the app which enables you to find all the devices near you! The app helps you to track all the Bluetooth devices that come in contact with your mobile device.

Moreover, you can also make a note of the individual devices and monitor their activity. You can always keep an eye on the nearby devices and beware of the prying eyes and share any media files with the devices if you want to. The main dashboard of the app displays about the number of devices and other details of the device and shows recently added devices as well. The interface of the app is user-friendly and very neat and clean.

You can save multiple locations and sync with other Snifferton devices with this app. As this app is only for the iOS devices, you can connect with all other devices having this app. It’s mandatory to download the app on the other device. You can scan them easily when they come in close contact with your device. If you have questions in your mind regarding the app, you can send a feedback to its official website  or message then and submit.

The app is compatible with iOS 13.2 or any later versions of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The whole app is available in English version and occupies only 1.1 MB space. So I would highly recommend this app to all of you for tracking as many devices as you want. This latest version of the app comes with enhanced location manager usage.

It’s available on the iTunes Store for free to download and offers in-app purchases. Just go for it now!

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