The Arranged Marriage App is a game created by the Junglee games. It is an endless and exciting runner game launched for the Android devices. The mission of the game is simple, to escape forced marriage arrangements by running very fast. The characters in the game include the groom, bride and, of course, a gorgeous horse. Interesting features are also available.

Playing the game is very straightforward. Just download the 3D game from your Android phone and enjoy the run to freedom from forced marriage. The running game allows the user to jump, run fast and feel the rush of adrenaline including the thrilling challenges displayed. The Arranged Marriage game has several fantastic features to make the game more engaging and fun.

Some of the best features of the Arranged Marriage game includes:

1. Gorgeous locations to run to.

The 3D Arranged Marriage game features the attractive Indian landscape. It can be in the form of a farm, a sophisticated city or even a beautiful town. Enjoy the fun of running in various places.

2. 3D experience.

Playing the game gives a feeling of involvement. It features virtual images that make being a runner in the game real. Get a chance to escape the arranged marriage virtually by downloading this exciting game.

3. Horse ride guaranteed.

Hoping onto a white horse and out running one’s would be spouse is guaranteed. The horse will help you run for an extra mile and escape the arranged marriage.

4. Power -Ups

There are power ups to enable the players to sprint faster. Also, the shields protect the players from all the obstacles during the run. The Arranged Marriage game is very involving and interesting.

5. Leaderboard with Facebook connect feature.

Do not play alone. Just invite your Facebook friends for a challenge.

6. Interesting boosters.

The boosters keep the players engrossed during the run. They include:

-Power-Ups to enhance the speed of the players.

-The bonus power-ups. Collect one and get twice the gold coins.

-Shields for protection.

-Magnet power that attracts the gold coins on the way during the run. The feature enables a player to collectmore coins.

-Hen power to enhance the speed of your horse.

-Three themes, use this feature to run through many different cities.

Tips on how to escape the arranged marriage in the game.

Always jump above any temple fires, slide below every pillar while collecting coins. The collection of many points to upgrade the character you have chosen to impersonate. On the other hand, be keen to note the incoming traffic that look like Indian Auto-richshaws. They will stop you from running. Be the winner and escape the arranged marriage from your spouse to be.


The Arranged Marriage game is the most innovative way of celebrating love and the freedom of making choices in marriage. As much as the game highlights evil deeds of our society that the player has always to dodge, it is very entertaining. The game is free of charge. Enjoy playing with your friends using the fantastic features such as the Facebook Connect feature. Be the first to escape the arranged marriage before your friends do!