Invoicing clients has always been a tedious process. FreshBooks, a cloud accounting app, is here to change that. Not only can it create invoices for services and products, but also do billing that can be sent as PDF, e-mail or HTML files or even U.S. Mail. Creating invoices and adding as well as saving new clients has been simplified with FreshBooks.

The online billing process has been made a joy ride by FreshBooks. A client’s customers can login on the site to pay invoices, view them and update their information. This method is very efficient and has produced positive results. The service also provides timesheet, invoice, billing-type and finance reports. The tool for billing is a recurring one and can provide range from a recurring time of once a week to once in 3 years. Payments can also be made by credits, and an overdue statement is automatically sent to customers.

The payments can be made through a number of payment processors. They include PayPal, 2CO, Google Checkout, Amazon, iTransact,, Amazon and many more. This provides great convenience and choice to customers. Each of these includes their own processing fees but you get a variety of options to choose from.

Client information can be saved on FreshBooks and you can also set a default language and currency for each of your clients. For each organization, you can save multiple contacts and also save company details such as industry, internal notes, company size, and multiple addresses. Each customer can be assigned an individual login. Login info can be assigned to clients and is automatically sent via e-mail. Thus, each customer’s account serves as an interface between the client and customer, where the customer can view his payment history, unpaid invoices and also their account statement.

You can also get an overview of your account that contains outstanding balance, contact information, recent activity and credit balance. Customers can also update their contact information at any time. Upon receiving an invoice update, they can make payments online, save them as PDFs, print them or resolve disputes by commenting.


Security information regarding this app has been posted online in full detail. It quotes that interactions relates to the browser are insured with a 256-bit SSL encryption. Information is stored under the security of a firewall powered by Cisco. Their servers are scanned via the internet and also from within with AlertLogic. Also, a powerful Intrusion Detection System has been put in place too. Sensitive personal information has been secured with an Advanced Encryption System.

FreshBooks has a very user-friendly interface that is highly intuitive. Adding items and clients is very easy. Once you figure out where each of the features is located on the site, it is nothing but a child’s play. Backed by an amiable Help and Support centre, all e-mails are answered within no time. The FAQs and information on getting started is useful besides their active forum.

FreshBooks also offers 50 splendid add-ons that allow full customization. These add-ons need you to pay a little extra but are worth it. Some of let you use Basecamp, Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, SalesForce and many others tools. You can access it with your Blackberry, Windows, iPhone or android phone using applications. The add-ons also give you the power to share documents, track teams, send out e-mail campaigns and generate leads. These can be accessed from your account to create customized invoices.

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