Move over Pandora, Spotify is here.  If you are a music lover, then Spotify is a must.  This app has completely overhauled my music loving experience.  Prior to Spotify, I was the casual Pandora user.  I mostly used my 64GB iPod to tote around my music collection.

Thanks to Spotify, I can simplify and have more!  I can create stream the playlists that I’ve created, and with the premium membership I can stream any artist, any song, any album on demand.  A music lover’s dream come true.

I travel a significant amount for work, and Spotify has become my entertainment on the road.  I can also download playlists or my favorites to my iPhone so I can continue my listening experience when I’m in a rural location.


I have also been very pleased that my Spotify account can work seamlessly on a variety of devices.  I use the app on my iPhone, KindleFire, laptop computer, and my desktop computer.  There is also a social media component to Spotify.  You can follow your friends, and discover new friends with similar musical preferences.  Brillant, Spotify, simply brilliant!

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