Games for Children (English) is an adorable game filled with many fun things for your child to do. It’s easy enough that children as young as two can be entertained by it’s antic’s. You can entertain your kids with sounds and icons, helping them learn while you’re busy driving or let them play with it while you go shopping to keep little hands and mind’s occupied. They will learn animal sounds, different vehicles, beautiful music and more all with this one free app. It’s regularly updated with new designs, new structures and numerous minor improvements to keep the application running smoothly and without a hitch while new vehicles and animals are added regularly to keep things new and fresh for your children.


It has a very simple, easy to use design, bright colors and adorable graphics that will keep both you and your children happy for a long time to come. It teaches my children so many things that it is on both my and my husbands phone. Many of my friends have downloaded this app as well once I showed them just how good it is and how much my children love playing it. Games for Children is a worthwhile app that every parent of younger children should have on their phone.