You might be into any business, be it photography, writing, designing, tutoring, or cooking. All you need is to have your work perfectly organized so that things get a lot easier, right? Bublup allows you to visually organize and store your work in one place. And you can share everything from it to your business peers, assistants, and clients in just a few clicks.

Bublup allows users to do a lot of things from one single place. They can save and organize any type of content. Everything from photos/videos, links, music, and notes can be put together in one platform. The Main menu has a Bublup window that allows you to organize things when you are moving them from one folder to another. Many features are available to work with multiple projects, different media types, sufficient cloud storage, and simple file transfers.

Users can create beautiful web pages in quite a few seconds. You can set individual group folder notifications. Using this, you can streamline a project with the help of the group folders. Notifications can be placed in each group folder separately. You can set it to view them on your app, email, or your phone’s home screen. With the assistance of two windows, you can select items you want to move, drag and drop them in the new window. When you want to share files with people who don’t have Bublup, you can use Rolls. It is a web page made from a Bublup folder where users can share any type of content in an easy-to-share format.

There are also many other features on the app that allow you to showcase all the photos you have. Bublup’s slideshow feature lets you display your favorite photos of your family, work, or business. Users can save loads of time as they want to shift many files or links from one folder to another with the multi-select option. Just click and drag all the items you want to move and shift them wherever you want. All the selected items can be sent through email, social or shareable link.

The app is so easier to use with its abundant icons and features. The interface is very intuitive and user friendly. When you have any doubts, you can contact the team on [email protected]. It comes with four pricing plans with different features, storage space, and upload limits. The free version of the tool is also available. The iOS and Android version of Bublup is available to those who organize work with their mobile phones. 

Download Bublup today to see how creative and easy your work can get. 

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