When I saw GoodDeeds – Find and Connect with Local Volunteers app on the Play Store, I instantly thought of to try, which proves to be an amazing app.
It is qualitatively developed to address an essential human need which is eventually helping each other.

It is conveyed that volunteering and all acts of kindness have been around since the beginning of time, and now is the time to amplify it and make more efficient and sustainable by connecting neighbours from local communities to assist each other.

GoodDeeds app pragmatically drives with the concept that humans who have the time and capacity to volunteer and assist other humans can match with a swipe of a finger. Volunteering, with GoodDeeds, is now simpler than ever before.

How to use this app?

Create your profile and select between ‘needing help’ or ‘offering help’ and anonymously swipe through profiles of your neighbours. Whether you are a volunteer offering your time and service, or someone in need of help, one can encourage describing what you can do to your fellow neighbors, or what you require from your community.

The best feature about GoodDeeds is that you get to limit the distance of the people you want to match with. Because humans are amazing that they would still love to help others.

More importantly GoodDeeds app is a flexible platform where volunteers can find people in need, or other volunteers like them. In addition same thing for those in need; they can select to browse only people who are only willing to help, other people who also need help, or both. Once the two parties accept each other, they can connect and discuss how they can assist each other.


Without a doubt in my mind, GoodDeeds – Find and Connect with Local Volunteers is another great app which wholly satisfies global users. This app offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in Play stores.