Block puzzle games are seemingly childish for adults and grownups. But it is not really the case. These block puzzle games are likely to increase your cognitive skills, strategic skills and your wellness. There are block puzzle games for all age groups. These games help with the development of a person’s cognitive functions if they are training with the right block puzzle level. These games are stimulating for children in particular. This type of exercise becomes a valuable experience for anyone. One of the most beneficial ability of a block puzzle game is its ability to find solutions quicker and in an easier way.

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun is an application that is based on block puzzle games.

Developed by:

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ was created and developed by ‘NOGAME’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ app on your smart phone or other devices. Once you enter into the game, tap on the arrow in order to begin a game. Several blocks will appear. Drag the pieces and drop them into the frame and maintain a horizontal row as you do so. Try to fit them all in the same row or column. Now you will get bonus point. The blocks cannot be rotated. The game gets over when there is no space for the blocks.

Features of the app:

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ has many exciting features which are,

  • Get every day gifts by logging in
  • Simple game play and easy controls
  • Free game
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Interesting and challenging game
  • Does not need wifi or net connectivity

Compatible with:

Block Puzzle – Play 4 Fun’ works on all Android and iOS devices.