Everyday With You is a very friendly, and awesome kind of Android app, that one will want to have around them every day. This is because it is a cute, very friendly, and completely fun messaging program in every. It contains a real chat interface that literally invites one to have on-going conversations with the numerous characters that is a part of the application itself. These various characters are bubbly, alive, and do differ one from the other. They are characters of boys and girls that do have their own unique kind of personalities and messaging styles to boot.

You will love talking to these wonderful assortment of characters every day that you encounter them with the Everyday Android app that truly does make conversation fun, frolicking, and just downright entertaining to be doing just because. Everyday With You is completely free to use. It is also the way to get lots of new mobile phone friends, very fast and easy, some of which you may want to keep around for all time. The many characters that are male and female will make you feel great. Because they will drop you all sorts of endless cute messages that will put you in a good mood and help you have a great day. You will fall in love with this Android app so much. You will want to have it around you, practically every day, just because of the very nice chatter that does come across from the various characters that will get your attention and keep it.


Everyday With You will make you feel special, cared about, and also always open to want to communicate freely. You can also fantasize by using this Android app. You can pretend that you are in love and are having a relationship that is deep and meaningful. What is fantastic about Everyday With You is very clear. Every day will definitely turn into a whole new day of spot-on conversation via messaging that will make you feel good about yourself and your day. It is truly interaction of the best kind that you will never want to go away.

Overall Rating For Everyday With You:

(i) Concept – The concept behind this amazing Android app is truly one that is new and innovative. It is sort of like real social interaction without it being real in real time. It is every inch unique and great.

(ii) Visuals – The visuals in this app are very realistic and do seem real. It is almost as if you are indeed messaging real people and they are messaging you in perfect communications.

(iii) User Interface: The user interface is one that is very versatile and user friendly in every way. This is something that matters with social media and this Android app cashes in on this factor big-time.

(iv) User Experience: The user experience will be something that will differ from person to person. However, overall, user experience is defined in two words and these two words are simply wonderful!