A picture depicts a thousand words more than a statement. Isn’t it true? It doesn’t matter how many complex words you’ve used in a single line, still, it becomes difficult to draw the correct image of your mind. You can express your emotions through words, but they are not the emotion themselves. For example, you can judge a person better when you’re face to face, but not through a message or a call. You can only imagine the mood of a person, but not exactly go through it. Your facial expressions convey a lot more than your words. There are different ways to express your feelings when you love someone but you need only the exact three words to express your love. When you’re chatting with your friends or someone else, you lack a proper medium to communicate. But we have emoji stickers to fill this gap in a different way!

Yes, I’m talking about the latest iOS app called ‘Phone Emoji Stickers’ that has been developed by Made Simple Ventures LLC.  It has been released on April 28, 2017. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 10.2 or any later version of the OS.

With, Phone Emoji Stickers you can use amazing emojis along with your message to support your text or you can use it alone. Sometimes, an emoji sticker expresses your whole feeling such as smiling face when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad; dance when you’re out of the world and many more feelings to express your way! No words in this digital world can express your feeling more than an emoji sticker. When your friend sends you an emoji sticker, you can imagine him in that picture which is enough to identify what is his mood right now! These emoji stickers are cool, humorous, and are very cute. It brings a smile on everyone’s face.


Apart from the above features, these types of stickers take a very less space and battery of your smart phone. Some people are very lazy about typing a simple message, but emojis just simplifies this problem. You don’t have to type long messages and waste your time as well as energy. Just click the emojis you want to send and continue your chat in this way. You can choose any one of them in your message. It is almost instantly and as quick as you send a text message.

These types of stickers are very useful when you’re chatting in a group, it makes the conversation more interesting and helpful in pulling someone’s leg. You can imagine the endless fun you’re going to have if you’re a part of group messaging.

Overall, this app will surely bring a new revolution in the world of text messaging. I think I don’t have words to elaborate the more benefits of this app in this review. You’ll see once you download it!

The app is available for free in the iTunes Store. So make sure you grab your piece of cake today!

You can visit developers website

Pros: easy to use; fun emojis; click and send; express your emotions; quick; free.

Cons: none.


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