With so many farming games available now you first thought might be to pass them game by as the same as all the others. However, after a few minutes you will realize that Hay Day offers an interesting take on the farming genre. Now I have tried a wide range of farming apps over the years but Hay Day turned out to be different from all the rest. It’s truly a fun and addictive game that will have you coming back for me day in and day out.

At 173 MB, the game is a little large but nothing compared to many of the other games available on the App Store. It downloads quickly and installs fast so within minutes you will be planting your crops and beginning your farm. The first thing I noticed when I loaded up the game for the first time was the spectacular graphics. Hay Day offers mind blowing art work in a unique style that is both fun to watch while looking just realistic enough for you to understand what everything is.

Hay Day offers a unique take on the farming experience. In Hay Day, you not only harvest crops and take care of animals, but you use what you get to create a wide variety of items that you can then sell to other players. There are literally dozens of buildings that you can add to your farm to create a variety of items from cookies to cakes to soup. Each building is opened up as you progress through the game so you can slowly expand your farm at your own pace.


Two great additions to the game are the boat and then the more recently added town sections. The boat comes every four hours and remains for a set amount of time or until you fill the order. Successful boat orders reward you with vouchers that open up other items such as other animals, decorations and much more. The latest addition to the game is the town. In the town, you are given an entire second area to develop with its own unique buildings. Visitors will come to your town and visit your locations requesting orders you can fill. When successful, you will earn experience, money and even gifts from your visitors.

Hay Day is a unique farming experience and it truly stands out as one of the best designed farming games ever to be released. It’s fun and addicting and you will find yourself returning to your farm over and over as you build and expand it creating the farm and even the town of your dreams. Hay Day is available for free and offers in-app purchases to speed up your preparation times. While you can spend money if you choose, Hay Day is one free game that you can definitely play and be successful without having to pay to win. All in all this is one of the best games available on the App Store and is a must have for anyone who loves building and creation styled farming games.