I downloaded this application, expecting to see something really cool due to those 217MB. I know that in most of the cases, size doesn’t matters, but here it made the difference. The first startup takes about 20-30 seconds and involves two loading screens. Then I was redirect to the main screen, getting right in the middle of the action. During the gameplay I noticed some strange things: the screen was going black and there was a loading circle on the middle of it. This happened many times without an actual reason. Perhaps that the game needs to load all of its features and this takes time. It only takes about 5 seconds, but it’s quite annoying. The purpose of the game is to build as many rides and shops for your clients in order to keep your theme park ranked high. Once in a while you can collect cash from all of your buildings. There’s another currency, called ‘Super Tickets’ – they are used for the construction of special rides and shops. As I completed more missions and goals, I received a few free Super Tickets. The game is 3D and the graphics are cool.

                I encountered one problem while I was playing: as I was buying more and more rides, the camera started to move a bit sluggish. Also, when you’re collecting money from more than 1 building at a time, the FPS decreases to about 5-10.I tested the game on a 1.5GHz Dual-Core tablet with 1GB of RAM. However, you shouldn’t experience these problems if you have a Quad-Core and 2GB of RAM.


                Theme Park has the same idea as ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’ for PC. If you’re looking for a similar experience than you should definitely try it. The sound can be annoying after playing for several hours, but it’s suitable for such an application. I really like that all the buildings can be placed in specially designed spaces and that you can extend your land many times. It’s another cool app by EA.