Ever tried to play a completely action puzzler game? Clearly speaking, the entire experience is absolutely fantastic and quite engaging to a point that one can play it all day long! It is the utmost desire of any player to be crowned the winner after working out a puzzle frantically and perfectly solving it. This is actually the absolute experience that awaits any ardent player who is ready to try out skills and experience on the incredible Tricky Towers game. Apparently, the game is easy to play though it becomes quite tricky when it comes to accomplishing different high levels in different missions. From the perfect design applied in this amazing game to the quality of the sound effects and 3D animations, this game is absolutely worth playing!

Getting to know Tricky Towers app game

Apparently, this game was introduced to its users on 20th June ,2016 and so far it has been well received, a fact that is evidenced by the overall reviews of honest users. This great product developed by Marcus Dobler Applications UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is currently rated at 4+ with most users basing their review on its great performance, captivating experience and the great exposure by the numerous levels contained in the game. Besides, the game is available in many languages which include German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French. There are still more translations yet to come!

Compatibility of Tricky Towers app game

In order for the player to enjoy the high quality experience emanating from this game, one will be required to contain high quality devices. These include iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and also Apple TV. When it comes to the operating system, the iOS 9.0 or any new version will work well for this great app.

How Tricky Towers game works

The game is quite easy to play as the player is required to combine different bricks on a field that is rotatable and build a great rising tower. The setup of this game requires the application of only one finger when it comes to the use of different controls during the play. The animations integrated within this game are pretty cool and of high quality thus making the game to appear close to real when being played. 

The game comes in two different modes that the player can choose to engage in any of them at a time. This includes the endless mode and the mission mode. For the endless mode, the player is required to compete with friends at the game centre in building a megatower though there are no restrictions (especially in relation to time) imposed. On the other hand, the mission mode operates in a manner that the player is given a task of creating a tower in which it has to be finished within a given time frame. This level requires great speed and accuracy to fully make a stable and high tower.


Below are the great features that are found in Tricky Towers app game:

Tricky missions worth trying

Missions in games clearly imply that they require fast-paced and perfectly calculated moves in order to be well completed. Tricky Towers game comes with over 80 unique missions that the player has to clearly display great skills when tackling them..

Boosters ready for use!

Each time the player wants to gain a quick momentum, the boosters are known to work perfectly well for that task. Apparently, the user will realize that these boosters work perfectly well when it comes to the mission mode that requires the user to finish within a stipulated time.

Numerous Trophies to be won

The climax of this Tricky Towers app game is absolutely winning as many trophies as possible. This is absolutely what scales the player’s ability and prowess in creating architectural towers. The player can earn close to 27 different trophies offered at the game centre and be crowned the ultimate winner.

Test skills with friends

This game provides a unique chance that the player can play and effectively compete with other players or friends to see who emerges the ultimate champion. The results of the score are actually displayed on the score list. This competition is mostly experienced using the endless mode.

Check out for the obstacles

Apparently, there are different obstacles on the way that will hinder one from creating the tallest tower in this game. Actually some of them emanate from the rivals who may cast spell on the player’s tower making bricks to fall off from the tower. Thus watch out!

Check below for the pros and cons of Tricky Towers app game:


· A great learning experience from numerous levels

· Great performance exhibited by the game

· Graphics and animations are amazing

· Great rewards awaiting the players

· Competition with friends improve speed and skills


· Works only on online platform

· Quite challenging for novice players(especially mission mode)


Tricky Towers is indeed a well designed and high quality game that has adopted great formation features that makes it absolutely exceptional. The total experience is captivating and fascinating that no ardent player can think of missing out. It is time to make a point of getting this incredible app game for free at App Store. Download it today!