Are you tired of the regular social networking apps? Do you want to use make use of one that help bring communities together? If so, Homeis can be the best solution for this. The app would be helpful to all the expats and immigrants living in other nations. Homeis Inc has come with a solution to assist people on their stay at a foreign land.

Homeis belongs to the social networking category, but it is a lot more than that. When you live abroad, you need help from people who speak the same language as yours. You can be in search of a lawyer, a doctor or other professional who can help execute a few tasks so easily with this awesome tool. The app also serves as a marketplace to buy and sell items. You can hire a babysitter, get insights on the grocery stores, gather ideas for a day trip, know more about the wide-spreading pandemic etc. The app helps you coordinate anything and everything which people from your home town.

Homeis has five different menu sections namely: Home, People, Solutions, Group and Activities that facilitate easy usage. This social app is the community of locals who share the same homeland as you. This app serves as the first digital platform for foreign-born communities around the world. It helps us share our culture, interest and needs and join people who share the same homeland as us. It helps you make friends within the city based on the community’s common wisdom and trust.

The team is always there to help us and you can share the feedback with them through the website or email. This community of locals would be an asset to all the foreign-born individuals residing in a different nation. You can have fun, share ideas and thoughts, forms friendship groups, make events, ask for help and do a lot more using this unique app. Homeis allows people to access the guides on almost everything from filling out visa applications to sending their salary and finding jobs.

The app works fine on all Android and iOS devices and it is available in four different languages: English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. You can be anywhere in this globe, be it Mexico, Africa, Australia or India, Homeis helps you find people of your own country. Get Homeis this instant and connect with the people of your hometown in just a few seconds.

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