This is another fantastic app from developers of Santo Porpiglia that I will be keeping on my device for some periods of time. Salient features start out in this app so simple enough but get much more benefitted as you explained for users. I recommend checking out InnerGroup – Social Media Messaging Platform if you are a fan of unique kind of app.

The users who like fun, speed and convenience of social media apps – but are concerned about having their personal details misused by strangers, organizations or even cyber criminals could now simply get the communication features they like without compromising their privacy with the new app InnerGroup expediently developed by Santo Porpiglia.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices at no cost and with no ads, InnerGroup permit users start or join a tight-knit group that is comprised primarily of members which the app calls groupies who have been invited. Anyone else who wishes to join the exclusive social media party must request access from the group’s creator, and there is no group size limit.

Inner Group offers users with enhanced Security & Privacy:

  • It is slated that groupies could send each other secure, end-to-end encrypted texts, videos, picture messages, and audio.
  • No data is stored, collected or sold by InnerGroup and user activity is not tracked, all usage is private to the user’s devices.

Generally the groupies don’t have to worry about their contact information or address book being exposed, since they don’t need providing their email address or phone number to use the app. The only way this actually happens is if they intentionally pick to share their details either with a specific individual, or with the whole group.

Once a post is delivered to each groupie, it is automatically and permanently deleted from the InnerGroup server. So hereby the only place the post lives is on each groupie’s device unless they like to delete it. Moreover if and when a group owner chooses to delete a group, all posts are automatically deleted from each groupie’s device.

It is illustrated that group owners could also prune their group by removing individual groupies, and even update their join code to prevent banished groupies from trying to sneak their way back in. They could also utilize the Group Lock feature that only allows groupies to comment on posts. Even more the group owners could temporarily disable this feature and allow groupies to post if desired.

InnerGroup’s security adeptly features are enterprise-grade, so using it doesn’t need any degree. The app’s intuitive design makes joining groups simple and sending & receiving posts is as simple, fun and fast as Facebook with other familiar social media apps but without the security concerns or spam worries. Interestingly there is no cost to send or receive posts, and you have no size limit other than those imposed by individual users’ devices.

Other than that, InnerGroup is a quality release and one of the best apps released so far this year, in my opinion. This is amazing app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.