Do you know every individual in this whole world? Is it possible? I don’t think so, until you do something unique and become famous. Just as you know celebrities, politicians, scientists, freedom fighters, etc. Do you want people to know you also? Well, everyone wants to be popular in their family, society, workplace, city, state, country or in the whole world. It will be a big achievement for you if you become famous in your own circle and then get fame on a large scale as well. You need to work hard for this and show your hidden talent to the whole world. If you want to get recognition and be visible in a big crowd, you should be talented and show yourself to the people via a platform. 

You can participate in any event, contest or quiz that is held near you or online that belongs to your talent. iPrize is one such app which gives you a chance to show your talent!

The iPrize App has been developed by Grocemania tech Ltd. It has been compatible with all the latest versions for the Android as well as Apple devices. You can play, create and host awesome quizzes and show your talent to everyone. It’s a learning app where you will get the opportunity to show your skills and also create a platform for other users to show their talent. It’s meant for the users, by the users and of the users! You can participate in many competitions in different categories such as: sports, humor, beauty and creativity and play good games.

You can host or play general knowledge quiz games, earn money games, quiz trivia games, guess the answer easy games, active quiz house games, earn money games, knowledge is power games and so many other games as well. There are many active users, so you can always participate in contests on different topics at friends’ quiz house. You need to go to the competition page to participate, press the button and then upload your creation and wait for the result. If you get the most likes from other users, you will be the winner! There is a time limit for the competition and few questions which are to be answered correctly in a given time.

This app is not meant for only entertainment purposes, but also to show talent, tell about your hobby. It’s a platform for content, where you can start your own contest or quiz in a few minutes or participate in contests from other users. You can show your abilities and talent to the whole world. In your quiz or contest, millions of different users from different countries will choose the winner. You will be famous, and you will get a good reward for creating a contest.

Overall, iPrize is a great app to create your own contest and participate as a user to become popular and get fame and recognition in the whole world. You can make the contest more interesting by sharing it with your friends and family to become a part of it and play with them. So good luck and have a wonderful time at iPrize! Grab the app now and become famous!

Pros: online quiz and trivia app; show skills and hobbies; participate in contests; host a contest; fun filled games; earn money and get rewards; free to download.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App