It is now easier to build a professional website and enjoy all the benefits that come with the latest technologies. SimDif website builder redefines presentations, website maintenance, and enhances user experience in all ways. You can now focus on your expertise without worrying about technical aspects of online business. The best part is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy nor have prior experience because it makes it easier for you to switch between iOS devices, your personal computers and android tablet.


The main objective of this website builder is to help users get the most out of their online ventures-especially if they have limited knowledge in web creation. In this regard, there are two packages for starters and pros. For the free starter sites, users can have up to 7 pages with a good number of options including but not limited to galleries, contact form, and of course the regular web pages. Pros sites will include 30 pages with the benefits of not republishing your site, a reliable theme designer; integrate PayPal, not to mention multi language capabilities which enable your site to be translated into multiple languages with ease including Portuguese. Additionally, with the pro package, you can now use your own domain name which is a plus for any webmaster.


User Experience

There are quite a number of themes to choose from as a professional online business person. For the pro, you can as well create your own themes using theme designer that will best meet your unique needs. In fact, users can’t even struggle changing themes and this is an advantage for those just beginning with website creation. It is easy to use images (upload from your device or get from flickr). Editing of images you want to publish is not a problem at all, nor is the editing of background colors, borders, fonts or anything in-between.

User interface

The user-friendly interface is something that makes this app standout. To begin with, the page looks as exactly as what will be later published-no hassle! In other words, it is easier to edit images, the page titles, and take advantage of keyboard shortcuts without worrying about any mishaps. Additionally, the icons at the top tool bar are simplified for excellent performance. It goes without saying that this is something that will save you time in the long run. No bugs!

Overall, this website builder is one reliable app that you can bank on for a successful online business. It has a great interface, user-friendly icons, and considers all Google friendly variable to avoid search engine penalties.


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