Ever wondered what would happen to your loved ones after your demise? Want to take good care of them even if you are not physically present? Then this awesome app is one thing that I would personally recommend to anyone who would like to notify what they are leaving behind to their loved ones. The app makes you to speak from the grave and say goodbye in your own words.

Kudos to the developer for coming out with this one ultimate app that allows you to talk to your loved ones from the grave. Astounding, isn’t it? Yes, My Last Will is an unique app that falls under the Lifestyle genre in the Play Store.

Released on November 13, the  objective of My Last Will is to allow the users to record a video will, living will or a last loving message. All you have to do is to sign in to make use of it. The app lets you to save videos providing instructions to your family and friends about what should happen to your body and things after your death. The app has all the draft and published wills in store which can be edited by other users seamlessly, thus making the task much easier.

My Last Will lets you to store Email and phone numbers of your kith and kin who need to be notified after your demise. It allows you to secure your recorded content with a pin code. Making use of the app you can view all your contacts in a single click. For each individual will, you can nominate the notifiers, representatives and recipients. Your recorded video, text messages, Email and other attachments will be sent to your loved ones. Users last videos and documents are immediately shared with their family and friends via the app.

The app is very simple, intuitive and beneficial to all those who are under risky jobs like the military, police department, fire service and the lot. With My Last Will, you are saved from the tiring paperwork and it takes only a few minutes to create a will.

Leaving the legacy before your last goodbye to your beloved family is now made easier with this amazing app. The app is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices. My Last Will also offers many affordable packages for an annual subscription based upon the size of the family.

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