Once upon a time, before this digital era, we stored our information as files and documents in papers that need a large space to hold a small amount of information. Now the generation of digital development needs just a small space to save a large amount of information and very easy to access. These changes were made by codes that can possess the information you stored on your computer. QR codes are a revolutionary invention, and it stores information more than the barcode can store. By using this technology digital marketing was driven faster and simpler, a lot of time and money were saved because of this invention.

Mobile apps are path changers for people, and they make people’s life easier almost in every way. Help QR- Scan and Browse app was developed to make our daily routine simpler and quicker. What’s the need for a QR code scanner application in your smartphone?, because most of the marketing strategies of small to large-scale industries rely on QR codes to provide information about their products. HelpQR scanner is a tool to open almost any kind of QR code up to ASCII grade codes.

HelpQR scanner, developed by Lieber verwalter which was developed to provide explanatory videos, and later it was upgraded for wide usage. This app was rated above 4 out of 5 by user reviews, which shows it is one of the best apps available in the Play store and a large range of users shows this app makes scanning and browsing quicker and simpler than other apps.

  To use this app you need an android smartphone with 4.1 or later versions of the android OS and the iOS version of this app yet to be released. You can experience smooth and friendly UI of this application, It’s very easy to use, like picturing using your rear camera. All you have to do is open the app and click to scan on any QR code by positioning your camera on them. No other steps are needed to scan, and it automatically zooms the code and instantly shows the results through your browser.

 One of the specific features in this app is saving your search history, So you don’t need to scan the same code for the second time. You can manage your search history and it’s highly encrypted to keep your data safe and secured. Help QR built with a strong and bold interface as a stylish tool in the Play store. HelpQR supports German and English language, you can choose your language from settings.

Most of the advertising companies, business agents, and product sellers are distributing their ads and news through QR codes to customers, So everyone needs a HelpQR in their smartphone to scan and connect. With the use of QR code scanners, we can access almost anything from wherever we are. Grab it today !

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