A common thing among great people; they take special events and other commitments very seriously. Today, a notebook seems like old news of course!

A modern tool that enables them to keep track of events and save them at the same time comes in handy. The Lifetimes of Celebrations app is more than a tool. It is a lifetime accompaniment that enables users to transform life resolutions into milestones and also countdown time to important events of their lives.

Special Features

The description feature in the app gives the user quite a variety of options. With a drop-down menu of continuous future dates, countries and time zones, it’s possible to add an event to any future or past date and from anywhere around the world. This is an important feature in the line of work especially when you want to reflect on what you have achieved over a period of time.

Looking forward to a yearly event like an anniversary can seem like a very long time. With a timer that never stops running, this app makes it possible to keep track right from day one. Keeping the anticipation alive just got easier! With the notifications feature, you can set the frequency of reminders as less frequent, normal, or more frequent.

The Lifetimes of celebrations app also gives the user the option to share their achievements on Facebook. This is just the perfect way to celebrate achieving a goal with friends.

 Adding an event

The app’s portal is quite easy to use. By touching the + button, the user can select the event type, add a photo or select from the available standard icons and then proceed to fill in the event name and description in terms of the event date, event time, country and time zone. After saving, the event automatically adds on to the list of saved events. Clicking a single event displays the countdown to the event as well as the countdown to the next milestone. The user can also make simple edits to the event by clicking on it.


  1. Sharing on Facebook : The ability to share to share an achievement to Facebook is an excellent way to mark the end of an achievement.
  1. Relatively easy to use platform : The app’s platform is quite easy to operate. Every step leads to the other. It’s more or less self-explanatory.
  1. Unlimited events : The user can add as many events as possible. This means that the app can be a great year-review tool.
  1. Free to use app : The app is absolutely free to use.


  1. Absence of a reliable backup : The app lacks the ability to sync with a reliable backup method like Google drive.


If you are looking for a simple, reliable app to efficiently keep track of your special events and commitments, Lifetimes achievements is the app for you! However, the lack of a more reliable way to back up the data like syncing to Google drive is a huge drawback. It might convince many users to use the app side by side with a notebook.

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