It is a hard task and also a digital dangerous system in the versatile age and also for the challenging for kids are equipped with your mobile phones or smart devices. It is known as disappearance-message apps that can help to the tweet or viral video immediately. Kidgy is fashioned to give more and more safety guard to your child from being online raptorial, cyber building and some of the other risky websites on the Internet. As a parent, you will like to use it cause this kidgy global brand can help you to control your child activities easily. After all, you this app can simply track your child all the time to safety purpose. In the everyday life, the parents who are taking the effective solution to monitor their child’s digital life easily via this Kidgy parental control app.

Working system of this app:

First of all, the parents who need this app, they should download this app from the Google play store or apple store with a single click. After download, the installation required. when the installation is completed, they have to set an account for himself and another one is for the child. After that, you need to update your app and in the meantime, it will start. Suddenly, you can start tracking your child easily and it will give the feedback of your child all the time.


The specific features of the Kidgy parental control app is given below-

Geofencing and position track:

By using this app, you can track your child behavior and everything that you want nowadays. By using the geofencing feature, you can track your kids as the practical fence and when they are leaving it.You can see that where you dropped your kids and where they are going rapidly. You can identify them by this map.

Track calls and contact information:

If you feel like your kids have a lot of bad friends who are converting your kid into a bad way.You can track your kid all the time by tracking the calls and contacts easily.

Track messages :

You can track your kid’s messages like all incoming and outgoing messages when they are giving messages someone. You can see those messages whom the kids are giving texts.

Affright button and check app list and app block:

By using alarm button, the child can contact you immediately when they are feeling danger. You can see that in the GPS position where the use of track your current system easily by using the switch on.
You can immediately block those apps from your blocking system that can block your kid’s unnecessary systems like channels, YouTube, and different illegal websites. You can give this time limitation to your kids where you can see and track the system easily and after that, it will switch off the system in the easiest way.

Undertaking manager:

This kid app is as same as undertaking manager system where you can set up total task according to your system. This aide in synchronizing the day by day exercises of your children and in building trust. This is a decent method to show youngsters how to deal with their opportunity.


The uses of parental control app are currently spreading out all over the world because of its advantages and safety reason.

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