It is very true that most of the apps that are pre-installed in our phones are for no reason. We hardly use them and prefer downloading new ones from the Play Store. For example, there is a chatting tool in every phone but we still use Whatsapp or Skype for that. In fact, nowadays even your old call logs are replaced by new ones. That leaves us to one conclusion that these apps are never meant to be used. They are just a backup option and nothing more than that. We are going to review a voice recording application next, so let’s talk about the one in your phone. Apart from low audio quality, this app has many more issues that a user has to sort out in this app. It’s the most basic of the tools that can be provided and must be improved. So we have the improvement in the store. Let’s check it out!

Voice Recorder HD is the latest Android app that has been developed by EAPPS.PRO. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

As it denotes the symbol “HD” in its name, the same is its audio quality. In fact, there are three different levels of quality depending upon your requirements. You can switch between High, Medium and Low qualities and so will vary the size of the file. The developers have even given you the provision of recording sounds over long distances using an external microphone for professional purposes. So if you want to send a sample of your voice to a music producer or if you work as a sound engineer, you can count on this one.


Then, this app can work in the background. So you don’t have to stick to the app while recording your voice and can play games, chat or you can do any other stuff. This is very helpful if you’re just recording any other person’s voice and you can do your work as well. A very special mention to the file format of the voice memos is that it’s .wav. Now, in most cases the file format is such that it cannot be played on any other device. So imagine yourself sending a sample of your voice to another person and he’s not able to play it!

The interface of the app is stylish, colourful and in a way helps your mood get better. It’s much better than a dull page you might find in your phone. Also, there are in-app options to share these voice memos via Dropbox or email.

Voice Recorder HD is as good an app as one can think of. It has remedied out all the negatives of your phone’s voice recorder and has many improvements over it. So I would strongly recommend you to download this one. The app is available for free in the Play Store.

Pros: intuitive and stylish UI; high quality recording; file format compatible with most devices; share via Dropbox; recording with external mic possible; free.

Cons: None