Look and Find : Fun activities is an Android app having very simple theme around it but at the same time is very fun to play with. It is based upon very simple idea of finding a particular object from a given a picture which is collection of animals and other objects.There are 3 themes available which can be chosen as per the desire namely Countryside, Beach and Zoo.The availability of these 3 themes are in accordance with favorite children spot hence justifying its adoption. All these themes are very lively constituting collection of bright colors and wonderful graphics that makes the experience adorable.

The game is available in 6 languages and various maps are included to make the experience dense. The purpose of the app is to make possible where having fun and learning can be done at the same time hence creating a wholesome experience where a child is able to learn and have fun as well.The central theme of the game is about finding the given object which is already present in the picture which is collection of lots of other objects and animals packed together in dense and highly graphic theme such a scenario not only increases the vocabulary but also helps in development of better cognitive skills.

The object and themes are colorful and bright to match the imaginative and thinking capability of the children. It has been scientifically proved that color perceived by human in mind is much more brighter than the object actually is, such a effect is more dense and dominant in case of children henceforth introduction of such highly colorful image closes the gap that lies between children’s imagination and the object shown in the picture.


Sometimes the app was not much of a difficult challenge but the music and intuitive graphics makes the experience rather fun which makes it addictive. The app must be given a commendable appreciation for making such a simple idea into a perfect combo of fun and learning system. The experience is very fun and sometimes adults can also try their hands on the app and find themselves killing considerable amount of time in the many available maps. It can also be used to learn words from other foreign languages which is quite easy you just had to change the language selection and voila you will be ready for learning.


Simple theme yet brilliant in achieving wonderful user experience.- Beautiful Graphics especially bright colors that brings adorable experience.- Nice background music- Perfect combination of having fun yet able to learn something – Better development of cognitive skills.-Themes that are interesting and are favorite location for children.- Can be used to learn foreign languages.


-Large app size (104 MB)-Sometimes the maps are rather less challenging.-
Final Verdict-

The app is a brilliant portrayal of using a simple idea to produce a combination that aims at removing the gap between having fun and learning. This app is quite suitable for growing children and all aspects in the app are made in that accordance. The bright colors and graphics of the app are as per the taste of the children. The availability of the foreign languages is a welcome addition in learning facilitating opportunity to learn foreign words as well.


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