Physiotherapy can help you recover from injuries or diseases more easily and quickly. You can use home exercise program and mobility routine to help you stay healthy and mobile.

Radian Mobility is a platform that connects physical therapists with their patients to assist them recovers faster and better. The physiotherapist can help you to do exercises from our library of over 300 practices, with details for frequency, equipment, and a special note if needed. They can send this routine to you automatically, with just one click.

Radian Mobility is your one-stop shop for all things physical therapy and mobility.

Radian can be used to:

  • Prescribe workouts to your patients via the app.
  • Check-in on your patients and keep track of their progress and reports.
  • Allow your patients to track their own performance and learn what causes them pain.
  • Prescribe mobility routines that are appropriate for your patients’ sports and goals.

Radian Vision is centred on an AI feature that detects movement and can assist you with the following

  • Automated rep counters
  • Posture correction
  • Range of Motion Tracking
  • Overall performance evaluation

With only 0.59 therapists for every 100,000 people, there is an immediate need to increase interaction between doctors and patients to improve the recovery matrix. Radian has led the way in this space by developing a tool for therapists to manage their patients, build customized exercise routines, and track their patients’ recovery.

Radian assists patients on their road to recovery by facilitating adherence to home protocols and monitoring their progress. The Radian App, which uses motion tracking technology, provides accurate data that doctors and therapists need to track their patient’s recovery and progress. This improved interaction between patients and doctors has shown that patients recover significantly faster than previous methods.

Final Thoughts

Radian’s goal is to give physiotherapists a platform to track their patient’s recovery progress and provide patients with a place to continue treatment at their own pace. Radian is getting closer to its goal of filling in the blanks in the recovery process thanks to features that benefit all parties involved.