Review Body: Administer the passwords is not as easy. People like me always need a good platform to store & manage password as I usually forget the password. But thanks to PassVult which make this task easy for me. It is an ultimate app with all the unique features of storing and governs all your important data.

After accessing this app, I found a path to track & manage all my data. Here in this review, I share all the details regarding PassVult app. So continue with your reading.

What is PassVult app?

It is a normal app which acts like password manager for your iPhone. The main purpose of this platform is to localize all your data on an individual iDevice and give the user ownership. Like this, you can access your entire important password in one place.

What are features of this app?

There lot of amazing features of this app which make it very special which are given below

  • Save & manage all your passwords
  • Save & manage sensitive secret questions and answer
  • Managing the physical codes of your service
  • Managing all your credit card information
  • Generating the complex password
  • Breach feature to check if your email was exposed in any public breaches
  • Data which stored are saved in Advanced Encryption System encrypted form

One of its advantageous things is that you can have one master key i.e. password through which you can control all your passwords. Moreover, the data will remain protected as they will never be transferred to any third party or device over the internet.

Other special features:

Bug reporting: If you face any issue then you can raise it using the bug reporting feature. Simply you need to fill the form and supporting team will reach to you.

Free Version: There is also a free version available for this app which is PassVult Lite but in that there is only storing of the password.

Things need to care:

Although the app is very useful and safe but there are some points which you need to care about. Firstly never forget your master password as there is no option of resetting the password. You will only be allowed to change the password after login PassVult. If you wish to delete the app, then mind it sure that the saved data will be lost forever so kindly don’t expect to gain data.


PassVult is really amazing and useful app for managing all your data. I am happy with this app and suggest it to others. Thanks