This app is like My Fitness Pal and Runkeeper merged into one powerful fitness app.  Map My Fitness easily tracks your activity, and more accurately calculates your calorie burn based on your body size. 

The app uses GPS so you can easily map your routes, and measure your progress.  Because the app has a social media component, you can compete with friends, and cheer each other onto your fitness goals.  The app has a news feed at the top, so you know when your co-workers may be excercising on the weekend, or being a couch potato.  I am friends with several of my co-workers, and we walk together at work.  The app is very powerful because it personalizes your stats to your body composition.  Meaning, if you are a bigger person, then you will burn more calories, and the app will tell you that.  However, we have found when walking together that the GPS may not pick up on all of our iphones.  One person in our group has a different service provider, and her miles walked is always inaccurate.  Definintely something to be aware of.


The app effectively helps you to track your eating habits, and helps you to keep track of your caloric needs.  If you have never kept a food intake journal, this app is a great start.  Sometimes, it pretty shocking to discover the calorie contents of what we are putting into our bodies.  If you struggle with drinking enough water, the app can help you track hydration, as well.

Lastly, if your employer participates in a Healthy Living program, like Vitality, this app can sync to that program.  It will record and report your workouts to help you earn points in the Healthy Living program.

I would like this app to be more powerful in encouraging weightloss like My Fitness Pal.  I only have the free version, and that may be a part of the MVP version.  Regardless, this is a great app to encourage healthy living!