Avatars have become a central part of how we interact with each other online. Whether working, gaming or interacting with family and friends, avatars are here to stay. But they are rarely more than something cute to look at. But Liquid Avatar, available to download on iOS and Google Play, have created a different kind of avatar.

What’s different about it? Liquid Avatar is based on the architecture of SSI, or Self Sovereign Identity. It moves control of digital identity authentication away from unknown or 3rd parties.

The avatars themselves are free, incredibly cool and almost infinitely customizable. There are premium avatars available on the marketplace – some of them have been created by famous artists!

Each avatar is verified using a cloud-based biometric scanner, as well as being linked to verifiable creditions, to ensure that your digital avatars are as unique as the person who owns them. Only one person can own an avatar at once, and they can be bought and sold on the marketplace.

Your avatars have a ‘public’ layer, information you’re happy for everybody to see. You then have the private layer which contains permission-based data. Avatars can be created for all facets of your life including work, family, friends, gaming and more.

Confirming your identity becomes as simple as sending your avatar token and, depending on the authentication level selection, it’ll forward the relevant information. Behind the scenes, blockchain ensures security using Trust Over IP standards.

Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments and countless groups of others to easily and safely interact online while preserving safety and security.

To download the app and create a Liquid Avatar today, visit the App Store, Google Play or https://liquidavatar.com.