NocNocK is a relatively new application that’s popped up on both the Android and iPhone application markets. It comes from the Sheppard Partners developers and has been regularly updated since its release just a few months ago.

What is it?

The app itself is advertised on the official website as a personality profiler. However, it is much more than that as it also acts like a social network. You can connect with other users all around the world either based on your personality traits or based on those traits that best complement yours.
Finally, the app also acts as a sort of self-help guide and provides information on how to make yourself even better based on the strengths and weaknesses of your specific personality. The website has even more resources to this end, with webinars, trainers, and a blog.

How does it work?

The app’s most basic function is a way to assess your traits based on how you wait particular words that are associated with four major categories. The major categories are:
Directive – Red
Expressive – Yellow
Considerate – Green
Systematic – Blue

While these are the names of the categories, they are actually the labels for the “high” point on the personality scale. In reality, there is no bad or good personality, but rather the “low” points of certain personality traits are other qualities. For example, the “low” of an expressive personality is a reflective personality.

After finishing the short survey in which you pick out qualities that you best relate to, you will receive a summary assessment about your final results. This assessment will describe you, how you work, and where you are strongest in a working environment.

The assessment also presents you with criticisms based on the less desirable qualities of your traits and how to improve them.


Your Profile

Your results in the survey are how you create your profile on the applications social network. Based on your qualities, you may connect with likeminded individuals or with people that you might need for a certain project. In any case, the format of the social network is to easily present how you work or socialize based on four clean and simple categories.


Overall the iPhone application functions flawlessly and it’s easy to use. To aid in learning how the app works, there is a built in tutorial that guides you through your first steps in each component of the app. Finally, the application is relatively simple, so there is nothing confusing that causes you to be lost in the different categories of the app.

However, a criticism would be that the application is rather empty for now. While it does function as a standalone personality profiler, it is still lacking in further features that engages you in using the app further. In addition, the social network side of the app is confusing and it’s hard to figure out how to find other users.

Despite the drawbacks, this app is great and definitely does what it says. In addition, after taking the survey the results were admittedly extremely accurate. The accuracy of the final assessment alone was enough to make this app a great download for anyone who is looking for self-improvement or self-discovery.


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