One of the main concerns regarding messaging via mobile phone is confidentiality. There might be several features associated with the messaging app. However, there are very few apps that provide utmost security while messaging. One such messaging app for iOS platform is the Pronto. This is one of the latest apps released by the famous company Privates that ensures valuable features along with the general attributes of any messaging app. From a personal point of view, let us look into the standout features of the app.


Security has been one of the utmost requirements for any messaging application. Pronto comes up with the feature of disappearing messages which stays temporarily in the application. These messages can be conducted via all kind of popular messaging apps like WeChat, Whatsapp, SMS, Viber etc. moreover, the user do not have to look into these apps to check the messages; they can simply view it via Pronto. If the users want to have added security, then they can opt for the screenshot protection facility. This feature allows the users to chat anonymously. Moreover, the masterminds behind the app are constantly working to bring out new and advanced features which can be accessed by a single tap on the screen

How is Pronto different from any other messaging apps?

Pronto has often been accused of lacking in originality when compared to other messaging apps. However, it does stand out from the rest due to the following reasons. Pronto has been one of the first apps to introduce the concept of expiring messages to the world of cross-platform. Unlike other messaging apps like Whatsapp and SnapChat which requires both the sender and the receiver to install the app, Pronto allows an easy and free exchange of messages even without the app being installed. This feature has been made possible via a link system which provides the receiver with a Pronto link. The receiver has to click on the link to get access to the message. It is important to have access to the internet during the entire process.

Pronto provides an exciting feature of determining the expiry time of the messages, images or videos sent via the app. It can be scheduled for 5 or 10 seconds or can be extended up to more than 24 hours. Additionally, when most other apps require both the sender and the receiver to be friends’ Pronto allows users to communicate with strangers. There is also an option of recall’ in Pronto which allows retracting any messages that have been mistakenly sent. This feature along with the encryption adds on to the security of the app. 


There are several positive attributes of the Pronto app. It is free to use and can be used across different platform. Moreover, the user does not have to install the app to have access to it. Messaging task can be accomplished by clicking on the aforementioned link that the app will send to the receiver.


The apparent con of the app is that it lacks originality. Although many critics will agree to it, but it has already been discussed in the article about how the app is different from its peers. If users wish to cater to these features, the app is a must for them.

Overall verdict

As it is evident by now, Pronto is one of the exciting additions to the iOS platform. It might seem to be similar to any other messaging application, but the level of security and flexibility that the app ensures makes it unique. The app is freely available and is quite user-friendly. Long messages, images, and videos can be exchanged in a jiffy and it does not even require the app to be installed. Extra features like recall’ or talking to strangers makes up for the app to be a lucrative option for all those users who are involved in socializing or carrying out intense discussions via messaging.


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