Hey IOS users! There is a new game that had been cooking for you, and it is now available in your iTunes store. This favorite game is non-other than Planet Matrix. It is a must-have game; that was developed by Tarek Alsmadi. It is one of those games that are best for amateur and hardcore game players. If you own an iPad or any other IOS supported device to ensure that you download it today. Planet Matrix is one of those few games that will keep you engaged and entertained. It gives you an “Out –of Earth” experience. Let’s look at some of its features and gameplay.

Planet Matrix Gameplay

Planet Matrix is a game where we play with Monkey Fourier. Monkey Fourier left his normal life in the jungle and decided to travel to space and explore new adventures in Planet Matrix. As a player, you will be required to save him by solving and completing amazing puzzles that will help him complete his mission to the new planet. The puzzles are unique. They are not like the traditional puzzles that are always revised by developers now and then. It an awesome game, download it today and enjoy the unique features.

Planet Matrix Features

Planet Matrix features numerous levels that are fascinating. Each new level is more adventurous and more complicated than the last one. The developers ensured that you would keep playing all levels without getting bored-especially for the hardcore game players. Each new level features new themes and an amazing background that is shaded with incredible images of terrestrial objects. Many people believe a good game must have amazing music and tones that will accompany the gameplay. The game satisfies your mind, the graphics satisfy your eyes, and the music tones will buy your ears. The developers of Planet Matrix did not leave anything hanging because the game features some of the unique and attractive music tones. When you play Planet Matrix, you will also enjoy the chance of sharing your scores with other players from all over the world. You will be able to do this because Planet Matrix features a working plugin to the social world. You can also send and receive lives to your Planet Matrix friends. Download the game today and I assure you it is fun and amazing.



1. Planet Matrix is a game that can be played by any person in the society. All kids and adults can play it without any difficulties.

2. The game is a good mental trainer, especially for the small kids. If you play Planet Matrix, you be required to use you mind entirely.

3. The game is unique. It is not a copyright from other traditional puzzle games4. It is easy to download, install and play.


The most annoying part of Planet Matrix is the numerous in-app purchases and the need to purchase it for your download and install. This is something that puts off many game people. The developer should work on this part.

In conclusion, we can say that Planet Matrix is a must-have game that can be purchased, downloaded and installed from iTunes. It can be purchased at the cost of $2.99 from the store. You should also share your Planet Matrix experiences with your friends and family members who have IOS 6,0 or later devices.