Are you searching for a mobile action game app that will offer you the exposure of the legendary warriors? The world is so diverse such that every country has its own heroes and legends that are popularly known by many people. But it is so amazing that we have app developers who are doing their best to bring those past legends into reality and make them known to people. Legend of AbhiManYu is an app that is developed and owned by the ACY entertainment company. This is a mobile game that is unique and combines entertainment and lore together. It revolves around the story of a Hindu warrior who wielded a sword and bow during the Mahabharata war

The game gives you the chance to select the weapons that you will use to fight your foes depending on the prevailing situations. Abhimanyu is a great warrior who conquers the whole army that proved hard to be defeated by other warriors. He accomplishes his missions by using a sword and a bow only.

How to play the Legend of Abhimanyu game

The game starts with a story of a great warrior behind the Mahabharata war. You start playing as Abhimanyu who was born to become the greatest warrior during the battle. The game starts with a tutorial of archery. The tutorial will help you to understand how to steer the chariot of your own. This app mainly focuses on the battle which can be at times become gruesome with guts and blood flying during the strikes.

Features of legend of Abhimanyu App

There are several features of the app that make the game to be more enjoyable and easier to play. The game combines enjoyable gameplay and technology. The following are the unique features of this game that make you enjoy every moment as discussed below;


This game offers console-grade visuals of high standards. This makes the game to be voted the best among other mobile games so far. The legends can be seen clearly in a video and this brings them back to life though they are gone.

-Combat style

The game provides an excellent combat style compared to other mobile games. This is because players are given a chance to select their own weapons a feature that is mostly reserved for other games that are not mobile.


-Archery aspect

When you start your bow the game stops and that gives you the opportunity to attack your foes one by one.

-Levels of play

The game has 15 levels which you can play with each of them containing the Abhimanyu’s story.

Advantages of legend of Abhimanyu game

  • The game is full of adventures that keep the players engaged throughout the time of play
  • The game instills the culture of winning battles amongst the players which they can apply in their lives.
  • The app consists of many actions where the player is required to multi-task for them to win.

Disadvantages of the Legend of Abhimanyu game

The game becomes frustrating if a player loses his progress but, you can get your data back because it is supported by cloud syncing.

Final verdict

From my personal experience, I have enjoyed playing the game and can recommend it to other players. If you are interested in the game, you can download it from the app store and have fun as you play your favorite mobile game.


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