Great communication and understanding can only happen when two people know and understand the language. The better the knowledge of that language the easier it will be to communicate. This iOS App helps bridge that communication barrier, showing English and Punjabi (Gurumukhi). This iOS App is a great tool to translate from one language to the other with over 32000 English words listed, along with their meanings. It will also provide you with synonyms and antonyms giving you an idea into the meaning and the use of the word.

This app doesn’t contain much in the way of visuals, since most words have nothing to visualize. What it does contain is a great search engine instead that is similar to any other search engine out on the internet. This makes it familiar and easy to use.

The controls are very simple to use as all you need to do is type in the words, in either language or select search. From there your word and a list of others along the same line will appear. When you select the word you are looking for it brings up the definition, the synonym, antonym, and you can hear the word with the press of a button. You can even add your own personal notes which comes in handy with words you want to mark for later use or familiarity.


There are two great features to this iOS App that are great. The first is my favorite and that is the ability to hear the words in a male or a female voice. While this might not seem like a huge difference it can when you are speaking to people. And it works to help me understand the words better. The second feature I like is the ability to post to Facebook or twitter in either language so you can show off your skill as you are learning new words.