Some people are fond of invading other people’s privacy. When you lend such people your phone, they may end up accessing your confidential information in the Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Gallery or other private applications. To curb this issue, various applications have been developed to help secure your information from unauthorized access. However, not all applications will guarantee complete security; some are easily fooled. So which is the best Applock for your android? Well, through research, we found out that PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock is the best application for any Android user. It offers great security which makes it among the highly rated App locks for the androids.

PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock 

With this outstanding Application from Pin Genie Limited, you don’t have to worry about people accessing your messages, photos, videos, music or any other information that may be important and confidential to you. Available in the PlayStore, this App is free; you can now enjoy free Android security 24-7 using a pin code, pattern, or even fingerprints (for Samsung users). So what makes it different from others? Well, it’s simple; the great secret of this lies in its features.



Screen lock

Ensure that intruders have no chance of accessing your phone by using this outstanding Applock. It allows you to lock your phone using the magic pin pads. With 4 sleek buttons, each button is inclusive of 3 numbers that reorganize after every attempt. This means that no one can master your pin even when they watch as you enter. 


Unlike some other apps, PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock concentrates not only on screen lock but also on the security of the applications. With some apps carrying important information, with this AppLock you need not worry. You can now safeguard your Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Gallery or any other apps that you feel are confidential.

Intruder Selfie

Besides preventing intrusion, this app moves a step further to notify you who tried to access the secured apps. If an intruder enters the wrong pin code, the front camera automatically takes a photo of the intruder. You can, therefore, see the photo after you log in. Feel free to leave your phone at home without having to worry about your sensitive information.


It’s obvious that we have different preferences when it comes to wallpapers. Besides, putting the same wallpaper for a long time may become boring. With all that in mind, this app provides you with a variety of wallpapers and themes that you can set depending on your preference.

Variety of unlock options

Most Applocks allow you to use traditional passwords or patterns to unlock your phone. With PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock, it’s different; besides the two common unlock options, you can decide to use Pin Genie Pin Pad option that reshuffles after every attempt.

Weather Notification

Besides security, you can now know your local weather using PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock. The weather information is displayed on the lock screen.


1. It’s Time Saving: Using this app, you can create a shortcut for your frequently accessed apps so that they appear on your home screen. This helps you to save time.

2. Very secure: This Applock allows you to lock your screen and other important apps. When an intruder inserts the wrong pin thrice, the phone is automatically disabled for 30 seconds.

3. It’s Data Efficient: Some App locks are large hence time-consuming when it comes to downloading and installing them. In the case of PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock, you only need less time as the app comes in a small apk package.

4. Allows for multiple unlock options allowing the user to choose the best option for him/her.


1. Just like other free apps, PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock contains ads.


Q1. What happens when you forget your password?

Answer: There are 3 options;

· You can click on the screen to answer your security question.

· You can log in to your registered email to get information about changing your password.

· In case you don’t get the new password in your email, you can send an email to using the registered email account. The new password will be sent to your email.

Q2. Is the app easy to use?

Answer: Definitely! Anyone can easily use it.


It’s time you safeguard your confidential information from the ill-mannered intruders. To join the worry-free world, you need the best Applock to safeguard your private information. PIN Genie Locker-Screen Lock & Applock offers you the free ticket to the worry-free world. The app provides the maximum security you have long craved for.


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