Security is often a problem when it comes to networking and there are plenty of features that can be attacked, protected, used and secured, all of which can affect what you are trying to do. The better your network operates the easier it will be to get what you want done, whether it is for home or work. This iOS App called Network Toolbox contains more features then most other toolbox apps and it plays them all together in a tight nit pattern allowing you to jump easily from one feature to another. Whether you want to check on the status of your network, the connections it is using or those devices that are connected, it is all located here.

The graphics are great in that they use simple to use patterns to identify each program. The videos that are included are fantastic and right to the point. Not only do all the features contain a name attached to them so you know what they are, they have their own little graphic so you will learn to recognize them by their patterns as well as their names.


All you need to do is touch the feature you want to use and it opens up. There is even a brief description on each of the 32 different features that tell you what it is used for. This makes it easy to figure out what will work for you, and which feature to use when you need it. And since they are packed tight together you can quickly scroll through them.

The best thing I like about this NETWORK  TOOLBOX App, is that Network Toolbox has included demonstration videos, so even a beginner like myself can figure out what is needed and when. I’ve managed to improve my network ten times over because of learning these things that most apps don’t even tell you.