In modern days technology has advanced in such a rapid pace that the devices used in the exchange of information have become smaller and more mobile. Everyone now has a device such as a mobile phone that can be used for many features rather than just making calls. We can send emails and conduct business as well as attach files in our messages. In the earlier days of technological development, only tech guys were concerned with the issue of security. Today almost everyone is aware of the possibility of hacks and breaches to ones private information. The VIPole secure messenger seeks to solve this problem.

(i) Concept

By using the AES-250 and the RSA-3072 algorithm, the user data encryption is end-to -end meaning that no third parties can breach the data. Be it sending messages, group chats, making video calls or sending short clips, both the sender and the receiver are well protected ensuring that only the two have access to the data.

VIPole also has the function of making free voice calls when both the sender and the receiver have installed the app in their mobile phones which use either iOS or Android operating systems. There are also versions compatible with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The VIPole video conferencing facility allows up 9 users.

(ii) Visuals

By looking and feeling like other mobile apps, transitioning to Vipole is fairly easy. Making phone calls, accessing the messenger, starting chat conversations feels normal. Certain features of the app are also super cool to use such as the ability to alter the pitch and frequency of your voice. There is also a password manager that keeps all you passwords safe.

(iii) User Interface

The VIPole User Interface is easy to work around. VIPole eliminates the need to make your own security measures by handling all the security issues leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Once you open the application, it is also fairly simple to download all your contacts and to start exchanging messages and video calls further emphasizing on the user friendliness of the User Interface. All you need to is to download your contact’s unique user id and get going.