Droid Experiment has recently launched a nicely designed Horoscope application in the Google App Store. So, if you are one who seriously believes in Horoscopic predictions or even one who loves to check the daily Horoscope just for fun, Stylish Horoscope can mean a lot. The best thing about this app is its design; for long there has been no horoscope application with a really neat and elegant design, and the Stylish Horoscope fills the gap with its unique designing concept and sleek outlook. The application is specially developed for smartphones and tablets, and so you can expect to get the best appearance on your small device’s screen.

The other best thing about this application is that, it not only gives you an elegant presentation of your horoscope but the predictions are almost correct. It is the experts of the industry who prepare the predictions and maximum time they are 100% correct in their calculation based predictions. The app comes with extreme ease of usability; it can be used simply from your device’s touchscreen without any hassle and without the need of waiting. Stylish Horoscope offers predictions on love, health, future and a number of other crucial aspects of life; and it provides the predictions with long yet crisp explanations. Here are some prominent features of this application:


  • Stylish Horoscope has an excellent front end designed to suit all the requirements of the users.
  • The application is specially developed for small screens, such as phones and tablets.
  • The current version of the application is 1.0.5 which has been last updated on 21st January, 2014.
  • The application needs Android 2.2 or above operating system to install and run.
  • The daily horoscope provided by Stylish Horoscope is prepared by the expert astrologists with over 15 years of experience in the field, so they are pretty correct.
  • Stylish Horoscope offers predictions with detailed and well written explanations.
  • The app also provides horoscopic predictions for the next 6 days, and users can even check their yesterday’s horoscope.
  • The application is designed in a way so that you can define many people and see the horoscope simultaneously on the same screen without any loss in performance.
  • It comes with the share feature; which enables the user to share his or her horoscope of the day on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites.
  • In case you do not know your sign, you can also calculate your sign with the help of this application.
  • It comes in different languages, and can be enjoyed by people from different language backgrounds.
  • The application comes with some unique features, such as text size adjustment and adaptability to the tablets which adds to the ease of use.
  • The app is small in size and takes only 2.7 MB on your storage drive.
  • Stylish Horoscope is suited for users of every age and can be used by everyone.


Summary: Stylish Horoscope is an Android application specially designed for phones and tablets. The app offers correct and well explained predictions in a neat and elegant format.

Good: This nicely designed application is available for free.

Bad: Till now there have been no bad reports about the application.