As you walk down the street if you seem to hear a drum beat but can’t seem to locate it, than chances are it is coming from someone’s phone. With the Android application called Real Drum installed in your device you can access drum effects whenever you want to. The drums have a great sound to them and there are many choices available, although not every drum sound is available. As the application receives updates there are sure to be more added.

Music lovers will enjoy the beat and tempo they can create using the touch screen features of their device and making their own music. Play something from your own score or access the different features to play a prerecorded beat. There are also different cymbals so you will get the different crash sounds to add to the mix. The different drum effects are in HD sound, making your drums sound all the more real, coming from your phone or mobile device.


The artwork on this app is fantastic, giving you a bird’s eye view of the drums instead of the angle view you would see when sitting in front of them. It does take away a little of the real aspect but allows you to enjoy the full aspect of the different drum beats.